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Available Projects

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Available Projects

At Protheragen, we help out-license and find co-development opportunities for drug development programs. We aspire to play a role in transforming the scientific innovations into medications, helping patients with the most challenging diseases. Our main focus is on oncology programs. Most programs that are available on the list below are at preclinical stage with great therapeutic and market potential.

If you are interested in any of the projects, please contact us for further discussion. We look forward to our collaboration.

Program Indication Discovery Preclinical PhaseⅠ PhaseⅡ PhaseⅢ
Antibody Therapy
Antibody Product Portfolio Cancer
ANTIGN-109 Cancer
ANTICA-201 Cancer
CD3XCD20 bsAb Lymphomas
Anti-MUC1-Ab Solid tumor
CD3xBCMA-bsAb Multiple myeloma
IGY-110 Covid-19
Anti-LAG3 mAb Cancer
OX40-Ab Cancer
A1801 ADC Breast cancer; Melanoma
Recombinant Protein Therapy
P75NEURO Neurological diseases
P11 Type 2 diabetes
Angiocidin Acute myeloid leukemia
TT-173 Surgical bleeding and trauma
Oncolytic Virotherapy
RV-scFv-PDL1 Cancer
OV-FV-01 Cancer
Small Molecules
Polyoxygenated Cyclohexene Compound 4 Pain
Fascin Inhibitor Cancer
HBV Capsid Inhibitor Hepatitis B
KCNQ2/3 Potassium Channel Opener Epilepsy
Resveratrol (Micellar) Alzheimer’s disease
NMMHC IIA Inhibitors Thrombosis
VISTA Agonist Psoriasis
Berbamine Analogues (+)ssRNA virus infections
Intravenous Anesthetics Anesthesia
Water-soluble Taxanes cancer
Cell Therapy
Double Negative T Cells Acute myelocytic leukemia
Anti-BCMA CAR-T Cell Multiple myeloma
RNA Therapy
RNA4TNBC Triple-negative breast cancer

Protheragen's business is growing rapidly after founded in Ronkonkoma, New York. Our business has evolved from the initial intermediary service to encompass segments in equity investment and program incubation.

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