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Equity Investment

Protheragen is committed to investing in early stage first-in-class drug development projects. Different from other investment companies, our strategy appreciates the uniqueness of an innovation, helping scientists with bright program ideas and persuasive preclinical results to build their startup business from scratch. We support seed capital to accelerate the project, and can continue bringing in following rounds for late-stage development depending on the project.

Investment plan:

● Invest and incubate 100 early stage novel drug R&D projects.
● Each selected project receives US $1-3 million.

Areas of investment:

Protein/Polypeptide Therapeutics Immunotherapies CAR-T Therapies Stem Cells Oncolytic Viruses Gene Therapies Vaccines Small Molecules

Investment criteria:

Project needs to be innovative and with international IP protection.

No restriction on the disease types.

Consider companies with outsourced early R&D to avoid investment in fixed assets.

Investment fund is for R&D use only.

Protheragen's business is growing rapidly after founded in New York. Our business has evolved from the initial intermediary service to encompass segments in equity investment and program incubation.

Protheragen Inc.