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Follow Your Passion. Advance Your Career. Help Us Shape The Future.

Protheragen has been an untraditional pharmaceutical company. Its main areas of interest are:

1) Helping its strategic partners that own proprietary technologies to find collaborators, licensing opportunities, and investors.

2) Identifying and incubating novel early stage drug development platforms/programs using its internal funds.

Now that the construction for the new office building, equipped with brand new laboratories which are ideal for conducting independent life science research, is nearly completed, Protheragen is searching for talented and self-motivated senior research scientists to fill the new space with innovative technologies and enthusiastic attitude.

Similar to company’s characteristics, this position is also untraditional:

1) You are not just an employee, but also an entrepreneur. Your earnings will be more than the base salary and the bonuses, but also percentage share of the company equity and contract payment for every technology that you bring in. Your knowledge, talent, and ideas can be expressed freely to lay the foundation for the new platforms in the new laboratory. You will be the new boss- Protheragen depends on your expertise to start its research department from scratch. You have the opportunity to start a new business sector.

2) Depending on your choice, Protheragen allows you to have a second job, under the condition that this second job is noncompete with your position within Protheragen (its nature must be approved by the management team).

P.S. Protheragen is willing to sponsor work visa. Please contact us for more details.

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Job application can be sent to (Not accepting calls from applicants)

Job Posting

Location: New York

Salary: Base salary + Bonus (negotiable based on background and experience)

Protheragen's business is growing rapidly after founded in New York. Our business has evolved from the initial intermediary service to encompass segments in equity investment and program incubation.

Protheragen Inc.