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One-stop solution for early-stage drug projects

Who We Are

How can we bring hope and health to more patients by turning innovative research into medicines for the world’s most challenging diseases? Protheragen Inc. was created to solve this problem. Because actions speak louder than words, we have decided to join force for the translational medicine by connecting bench to bedside.

Founded in recent years, Protheragen is still a toddler, but continues to grow with the help of many scientists in the company. We value virtues and talented researchers, so we love to work with projects that came up by people with good character. By placing people at the center of each project, Protheragen pursues a flexible and unique business concept that revolves around the research needs of the researchers. Protheragen serves as an incubator for many early stage drug development programs towards commercialization. Along the way, we also help bridging investments and life-changing research innovations.

What We Do

● Incubation

Protheragen focuses on acquiring, developing, and commercializing novel biotechnology and pharmaceutical projects for both therapeutic purposes and diagnostic applications. Guided by our advanced business strategy, the “VIC R&D model”: V (risk investment), I (IP right) and C (CRO), we strive to effectively attain the drug discovery and development through collective efforts and advantages of all agencies.

Protheragen has acquired a number of on-going programs of highly innovative scientific discoveries, which we believe to have distinctive potentials achieving significant milestones towards commercialization. Every program was carefully evaluated and selected by our experts vastly experienced in pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields. We then provide funding and management services to assist the development of these ideas.

Protheragen believes that cooperation is the key to success. We welcome all project owner to contact us for further discussion and collaboration!


● Licensing

Protheragen acts as advisors to biotech companies that are ready to in- or out-license a product on a global or local scale, sell or buy an asset, and step in a merger or acquisition. We seek licensing arrangements, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and/or public and private financings to help our clients achieving short-term or long-term goals.

We value our potential business partners and aim to ensure an efficient and transparent process during all phases of the collaboration. Our streamline management structure and rich trading experience allow us to seize exceptional opportunities and select the best collaboration framework, to successfully in- or out-license each technology or product.

Protheragen is committed to generate value to our clients, portfolio company partners, and investors. We firmly believe that innovations from the bench can be accelerated to the bedside with the help of our expertise and competencies.


Protheragen Inc.

2200 Smithtown Avenue, Room 1, Ronkonkoma,
NY 11779-7329, USA
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Email: info@protheragen.com

Opening Hours

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