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Commercial Collaborator

Commercial Collaborator

For Commercial Collaborator

Protheragen is professional in discovering and developing innovative antibody and CAR-T based immunotherapies for the treatment of various cancers. Currently, we have several promising pipelines in preclinical phase, including monoclonal antibody and CAR-T products. For commercial partners interested in our pipelines, Protheragen offers two solutions for you

1) licensing the antibody or CAR-T from our pipeline;

2) collaborating with us for the further development of the products in our pipeline to promote the progress to clinic and market , and the costs and future revenue are promised to be shared.

Protheragen also welcomes proposals from pharmaceutical and bio-tech companies interested in treating cancers by antibody and CAR-T based immunotherapies, and we have enriched experience and Ph.D level scientist team to help you boost your projects.

Diane Hong Business Development Manager

Protheragen’s business is growing rapidly after founded in Ronkonkoma, New York in 2009. More offices have been established at different locations across China and the US ever since.

Protheragen Inc.

2200 Smithtown Avenue, Room 1, Ronkonkoma,
NY 11779-7329, USA
Phone: 1-516-765-9461    Fax: 1-516-927-0118
Email: info@protheragen.com