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Protheragen has been striving to develop pipelines based on novel monoclonal antibody and CAR-T for cancer immunotherapy. Through close collaboration with distinguished scientists, we have promoted biotherapeutics candidates of great potential from discovery to preclinical studies and clinical trials. The current five pipelines are in preclinical phase and have all shown promising results.

Our Current Pipelines

Program Indication Discovery Preclinical Phase1 Phase2 Phase3
PTG-01 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)
CHR-106-CAR-T * Ovarian Cancer
RP215-CAR-T * Ovarian Cancer
Anti-Scg3 Therapeutic Antibody Diabetic Retinopathy(DR)
hGHR106 Reproductive Disease and Cancer

Our Pipelines Are Enabled by Three Key Technologies

Technology Description
Protein Engineering Platform High-scale expression, crystallization, and characterization available for modified and engineered protein
Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Technology Building chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered T cell to cure various kinds of tumors
Quantitative Ligandomics Technology Systematically identify cell surface targets or disease-associated ligands and investigate their pathological roles and therapeutic potentials

As a biopharmaceutical company, Protheragen mainly focused on the field of cancer immunotherapy. Through ongoing discovery activities, we are able to keep ahead in the field of novel compounds and their analogs. If you are interested in any of our pipeline programs, please feel free to contact us for further discussion.

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